Community Involvement

redcrossRed Cross is the single largest supplier of blood in the United States, providing more than 40 percent of the nations blood supply for medical emergencies and lifesaving treatment of chronic illnesses. Every unit donated saves up to three lives. Georgians depend on the Red Cross, because it is not a government agency, the Red Cross depends on support from the public to continue its humanitarian work in our communities. They can’t turn heartbreak into hope without your help!

GPCA has started a partnership with The American Red Cross and has already donated $10,000 this year, the money was raised from the Georgia Pest Control Association’s annual golf tournament.

Partnered with The American Red Cross, GPCA donated well over 100 pints of blood this year from our major conferences. Listed below are the specific amounts from each conference.

Athens- 79 Pints
Dalton- 34 Pints
Tifton- 27 Pints

Currently representing 85% of pest control operators in the state, the GPCA was incorporated in 1950 with only sixteen original members. With more than 700 member companies statewide, the GPCA is made up of pest control professionals who protect health, families, businesses and the environment from insects and the damage they can cause. A major employer, the GPCA is an integral part of schools operations, commercial establishments and home management. High quality communication, education and upholding the professional pest management industry throughout Georgia and surrounding states are the benchmarks of the GPCA. Benefits of GPCA membership include legislative lobbying, training and education, free continuing education programs, professional magazine access, leadership training, scholarships, lending library and business manuals and access to email updates, a toll free telephone number and assistance from a full-time staff.