GPCA History

The Georgia Pest Control Association was incorporated in 1950 with 16 original members. New chemicals and technology that had been used in World War II were fostering a new wave of entrepreneurs who sought to use their experience in providing consumers with professional pest control. Regulations were popping up throughout the country as consumer demand for new housing reached record levels.

In 1952 the Georgia General Assembly passed the Structural Pest Control Act which provided the framework for regulating the pest control industry. The primary concerns were:

1) protect the public from illegal operators and

2) promote professional recognition of the pest control industry in Georgia.

The Georgia Pest Control Association was eager to promote professionalism in the industry and to this end starting working with the University of Georgia to hold an annual “short course” to provide training. Annually since 1957 GPCA has partnered with UGA to hold a multi-day event that kept operators informed about pest control products, methods and customer service.

The association has been blessed with far-sighted leaders who worked to raise the bar for the whole industry – not just a few. Since GPCA’s beginning, education has been our primary focus. To this end GPCA started the region meetings, the mini-conferences, the summer conference, and the six-week PCO course.

The PROFILE magazine started in the late 60’s as a means to provide information to pest control operators. The magazine has expanded from a mimeographed newsletter to a 36 page monthly color publication mailed to all the certified operators in the state.

For many many years, GPCA was run from the guest bedroom of Executive Director Glenn Burnnett’s Atlanta home. When Burnett retired in 1985, the association hired Valera Jessee. In 1989, GPCA moved to “legitimate” office space to take care of its expanding operations, and in 1999, the association moved into its own 3600 square foot office building, complete with training facility.

GPCA started in 1950 with 16 members. In 1985 it had grown to 250 companies. In 2004 more than 700 pest control companies are active members in the state-wide association. Representing 85% of the operators in the state, GPCA has a larger “market-share” than any other state pest control association.

Pest control has a huge economic impact on our state. We are a major employer and an integral part of schools operations, commercial establishments and home management. GPCA is understandably proud of its long, rich history as a partner with the consumers, and law-markers of Georgia.

We started out with leaders focused on professionalism. It remains our focus 65 years later.