Membership Apps

What Type of Membership is best for me?

Active Membership is for full service pest control companies who are actively engaged in providing services to consumers. Active membership permits company to use the GPCA logo, vote, hold office and participate in all GPCA functions.

2017 Membership Application


Limited Membership / Individual Membership is for individuals who wish to be involved participants in the industry. Technicians, certified operators and consultants who may not have access to association information through their employer would benefit most from this membership. Individual members may only purchase educational materials and are not included in the directory information. They may not vote, or use the GPCA logo on their personal stationary.
Allied Membership are suppliers of products or services to the pest control industry. Example would include distributors manufacturers, insurance providers, car dealers, etc.
The status of Honorary Membership is conferred on deserving individuals at the discretion of the Board of Directors.