PAC: Political Action Committee 

In 2015, $6,500 was raised and so far in 2016, $3,573 has been raised!

We appreciate your generosity and we couldn’t do it without your donations.

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Your Government/Legislative GPCA Co-Chairs

Rick Bell

Jeff “Bodine” Sinyard

Chris Gorecki

Jeff Dunn


GPCA Key Legislative Accomplishments

1. DEFEATED efforts to impose sales tax on pest control services.
2. SUCCESSFULLY KEPT legislation that would have ended the ability of pest control service companies to have automatic renewal provisions in their contracts from being considered.
3. DEFEATED legislation that would have required pest control service companies to list the name of their insurance carrier in their contracts and monthly statements.
4. SECURED funding in the state budget for many years for Formosan termite research.
5. WORKED with the real estate industry to raise awareness on the part of potential home-buyers of the importance of getting a wood destroying organism inspection letter prior to closing.