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Bug Bytes | News from NPMA, Legislative Action Alert

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GPCA Bug Bytes

By Connie Rogers

In this issue: News from NPMA, Legislative Action Alert 


Advance the Pest Management Industry for Future Generations! Pass Along to a Friend!

Right now, 47 House and 9 Senate Conferees are negotiating the final version of the Farm Bill. As you know, the Farm Bill is the vehicle in which our industry has the opportunity to amend FIFRA, the law that governs pesticide use. Unlike any other point in recent history, this Farm Bill includes proactive language to advance the ability of pest management professionals to defend public health and property from unwanted pests. Specifically, the reforms that NPMA is advocating for:

  • Codifies pesticide preemption at the state level, preventing localities form irresponsibly regulating the sale and use of pesticides and solidifying the ability of State Lead Agencies to regulate use of pesticides.
  • Fixes the broken pesticide consultation process between FIFRA and the Endangered Species Act
  • Eliminates the need for unnecessary and redundant National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permits (NPDES)

NPMA’s preferred regulatory reform language is in the House version of the bill, but not the Senate version. It is imperative that you make your voice heard to the Farm Bill conferees so we can bolster the pest management industry for generations to come. Let’s do this and secure regulatory reform language in the final version!

Click here to send a message to your elected officials, and please pass this link on to colleagues and friends of the pest management industry.

Bug Bytes | Fall Specialty Cources

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GPCA Bug Bytes

By Connie Rogers
July 7, 2018
In this issue: Fall Specialty Courses

GPCA Announces Fall 2018 Education Specialty Courses

Are you looking for specialty education courses? If so then GPCA has you covered. This fall GPCA will be offering the 6 week PCO Course and the 4 week Train the Trainer Course. Information for each course follows:

Train the Trainer

To help meet the State’s training requirements the GPCA Education committee developed a comprehensive state-of-the art Train the Trainer program that satisfies the state’s goals and the state has accepted our program as the standard.

If you wear any of these hats, you will benefit personally and professionally from the lessons you will learn in this program:
·    Supervisor
·    In-house trainer
·    Technical Director
·    Manufacturers Representative
·    Customer Service Representative
·    Sales Staff
·    Manager
·    Distributor

For more complete information and to register click on these links:

Train the Trainer Informational Flyer

Train the Trainer Application


GPCA 6 Week PCO Course

This comprehensive 6 week course is an excellent tool to prepare for the pest control operator’s exam. This course is also a great training tool for the new pest control technician. For the second time in the history of the six week course, GPCA is offering members the ability to attend the course in real time as it is being taught at the GPCA office. This remote course will be similar to a webinar whereas the attendee will sign on and review the course in real time as it is being taught in the GPCA office. It is our hope to reach as many members outside of the metro area who have a desire to attend the PCO course but are unable to due to distance restrictions. Remote attendees will NOT receive CEU credit for the course.

For remote system requirements and complete registration information please click this link: PCO Course information and registration

Bug Bytes | Distracted Driving Law

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GPCA Bug Bytes

By Connie Rogers
June 19, 2018
In this issue: Distracted Driving Law

Hands Free

Georgia Law

Effective July 1, 2018


The new law means you cannot drive a vehicle while holding a cell phone or supporting a cell phone with any part of your body.


Hands Free Law

  1. A driver may not hold/support a wireless telecommunications device or stand-alone computer with any part of their body.  Exceptions – Earpiece, headphones, smart watch.
  2. May not write, send, or read any text-based communication. Exceptions – Automatic voice-to-text
  3. Navigation/GPS can be viewed while driving as long as it is not being held/supported with any part of the driver’s body.
  4. A driver may not watch a video.
  5. A driver may not record a video.
  6. At no point while the vehicle is being operated can a driver use ANY apps to include social media and music.

Drivers would be allowed to:

  • Use their phone for voice communication on a hands-free basis.
  • Touch their phone for dialing, receiving or ending a call as long as the driver is not holding or supporting the phone.
  • Use their phone for GPS navigation apps.
  • Use voice-to-text technology.

There are circumstances where you can handle an electronic device while driving: Reporting a traffic accident, medical emergency, fire, a crime or delinquent act or a hazardous road condition. You can also use your hands if you’re lawfully parked (not at a stoplight – “lawfully” means off or beside the road in an area open to parking).

For more information, please visit

Read and download HB 673 here

Bug Bytes | NPMA Legislative Action Alert – Farm Bill

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GPCA Bug Bytes

By Connie Rogers
June 13, 2018
In this issue: NPMA Legislative Action Alert – Farm Bill




We urgently need your help now to communicate with Senators on the Senate Agriculture Committee. The Committee will mark-up the Senate Farm Bill tomorrow, and it is paramount that we secure language that acknowledges the exclusive authority of state agencies to regulate the sale, use and distribution of pesticides within their respective state. We are pushing to add this language via an amendment but we need bipartisan support!

Unlike other alerts, you are receiving this message because you live in a state that has a Senator on the Agriculture Committee, this means that your voice is even more meaningful and important because not all NPMA members are receiving this notice.

With the House Farm Bill stalled until later this month, we need your help NOW by sending a note to your Senator and helping us continue to build bipartisan support for our common sense statutory fix.