February 1 – March 11, 2021

Meets every Monday & Thursday from 6-9 PM.

For the first time in the history of the six week GPCA Professional Pest Control Technology Course, GPCA is offering the course virtually through Zoom. This virtual course will be similar to a webinar whereas the attendee will sign on and review the course in real time as it is being taught by the instructors. It is our hope to reach members who have a desire to attend the PCO course but are unable due Covid-19 restrictions that remain in place. This six week course is an excellent tool to prepare for the PCO exam. This comprehensive course is also a great training tool for the new pest control technician, a technician preparing to take the pest control operator’s exam or an up-to-date review of new methods and procedures in pest control operations for the experienced operator. Attendees will be taking chapter tests online outside of class; final exam will be online also. Students will have to have access to a computer, iPad, Osi or Android device to take chapter tests (outside of class time) and for program participation.

This course covers:

Introduction to Entomology, Insect Development, Identification & Classification, Use of Pesticides, Equipment, Safety & Health, Rules & Regulations, Occasional Invaders, Cockroaches, Ants & Hymenoptera, Termites, Other Wood Destroying Pests, Flies, Stored Products, Rats & Mice.

Credit Hours Available:

17 hours HPC, 8 Hours WDO – Attendees will be required to participate in each session as per the Georgia Rules and Regulations for webinar training Signon instructions will be supplied after registering.

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